Event Seating

Whatever the complexity of your event, the size of your venue and whatever your audience requirements, we have an expert team of seating design professionals and engineers who can help you deliver a winning event experience.

Our custom ‘A’ frame system has been developed with our decades of experience and is ideal for easily constructing secure seating tiers in straight rows or on a radius, for both indoor and outdoor applications. We can match the seating layout and height increments to suit your event needs and venue, whatever the audience viewing angle, floor or space you’re working with. It’s our aim at Austen Lewis to deliver an excellent service and ensure that everything runs smoothly, from planning your event seating with us to the final dismantle.

Our lightweight, aluminium seating system can be tailored to a complete range of events, big or small – check out our individual service pages to help you discover your seating solution:

Outdoor seating – flexible sports seating, open air seating, covered and uncovered grandstand seating

Indoor seating – find out about our custom technology for all indoor venues, from concert seating, to exhibitions and television and film studios.

Tiered seating – our proven, safe and secure tiered seating structures can be used for both outdoor and indoor events and provide audiences with the best sightline from every seat.

We maintain that our seating system is one of the safest and quickest to install within the industry today, allowing for a quick turnaround for your event deadlines. Easy to handle and with minimal bracing, our comfortable, secure seats come in a wide range of colour options to suit your venue.

If you’d like to find out more about our flexible portable seating options for your event, why not give us a call today on 020 3781 7773 and tell us more about your requirements?